Reasons to Outsource your English to German Project

English to German translation (Translation En-DE) has been established to be very important internationally, especially in terms of business dealings. 

There are two ways of handling translation projects: to translate in-house or to outsource the project.

It is better and more logical to give out your translation projects to professionals rather than let someone in-house do them. 

Several reasons back this up and they include:

  • Top-tier translation: Translation agencies use professional translators that are well skilled with the source and target language. In this case, English and German.

Translation En-DE requires an understanding of the nitty-gritty of the languages.

It involves knowing practically every word and being able to differentiate different contexts; literal and figurative. 

It also involves in-depth cultural knowledge, outstanding writing skills, and proactivity with research. Translator pros possess all these qualities and more to ensure that projects are high quality.

In different industries (technology, medical, legal, etc.), little errors in translation can lead to disastrous outcomes so it’s always better to leave it to professionals.

  • High efficiency: Efficiency simply refers to the rate at which work is done. In this case, the rate at which Translation En-DE projects are completed. It can also be the ratio of the amount of work done to the price per word to the time taken to complete projects. Because agencies have several experts, they can assess the project and assign it to someone that will deliver on time. In-house staffs have their jobs already but when you outsource to professionals, it is their primary job. There are no distractions.
  • Project management expertise: Most times, translation service providers assign operators or project managers to each project. This is to answer all the project-related questions and issues. This professional communicates with both parties. They also communicate with localization, proofreading, and some other departments to ensure proper work is done. They also cross-check databases and make sure that translations follow the agency’s guidelines.

Additionally, they somewhat oversee revision processes.

  • Reduced cost: On the surface, outsourcing translation projects might look more expensive. In the long run, it is not. Averagely, it’s reasonable.

In a case where you have to localize your website as the case may be, translation services will have you covered for affordable prices. This way you don’t desperately pay freelance translators after in-house individuals don’t meet up. 

Finally, you will most likely have to hire a project manager (alongside other experts like proofreaders) if you take the in-house route. You will have to pay them. Whereas if you outsource your English to German translation projects, agencies already have project managers that will handle each project without paying extra.

  • Range of services: Apart from basic translation, translation agencies are now equipped to do a lot more. Some offer translation of multimedia content. Some others even offer voice recording translation.

You can even get consultation services for translation-oriented publishing, editing for content and technical writers, or copy editing for copywriting and marketing texts. 

  • Time saving: It is well known that we cannot take the hand of the clock back and recover lost time. Therefore, it is important that projects are outsourced as it saves time. Many linguists are present on a translation agency which makes work faster.

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