Qualities of professional English to German translators

Germany can’t do without the English language internationally. 

More so, a lot of Germans speak English in the process of a business transaction. It’s used as a business language. 

Irrespective of the number of Germans that speak English, professional German translators are required in various fields for expert and high-level contextual translation.

English to German translation (Translation En-DE) is very useful because it fulfills the user’s product demand. German users of English products prefer to have a guide or description written in German.

Top 7 Qualities of a Professional English to German Translator

Any German translation agency should ensure some top qualities and characteristics are present before hiring a German translator. 

  1. In-depth language knowledge: To translate English to German, you must understand meanings of words individually. Also, you should be able to deduce contextual meaning from texts. 

If you don’t understand a sentence or a text properly, you stand a chance of misinterpreting it. 

To have advanced language knowledge, you should read widely, do a course in German language and involve yourself with the English culture. 

Additionally, you must not relax because language is dynamic. It is constantly changing.

  • Latest cultural understanding: A professional English to German translator should have proper knowledge of both English culture and German culture. These things include values, customs, and dressing, amongst other things.

Getting an up-to-date grasp of both cultures will enable you to know the consequences of your translations.

  1. Outstanding writing skills: To be a good translator, you must be a pro writer. A mediocre attempt at writing will not produce high-quality translations.

You must be able to write in various niches – technical, legal, financial, academic research, etc.

To enhance your writing skills, read widely, take writing courses and work with team members that know better than you.

  • Good research ability: A professional English to German translator must always research things constantly.

Such things include popular career-specific topics, jargon, and vocabulary. 

To work on your research ability, be active on translation forums, save your useful references, and know-how to surf the internet smartly.

  • Top-tier translation judgment: For you to be a professional translator in general, you should make good translation decisions. This also applies to English to German translators. Decisions on structure, vocabulary, and when to use literal and figurative expressions.

Most times, these kinds of judgments are based on instincts. But this doesn’t mean good judgment can’t be developed over time. It can.

  • Good word processing knowledge: To be a professional translator in general, you must know how to use word processing software.

You must also know how to use basic Microsoft office apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

  1. Experience: The final top quality for a professional translator is experience.

This crowns everything up. No matter how good a translator is, you must have the experience for you to be called a professional translator.

You must have these qualities and skills listed above to be called a professional English to German translator.

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