Best English to German Translation Services Online

A lot of people are searching for top-notch German translation services. 

People such as business managers, content creators, and CEOs all have peculiar needs for translations.

Translation services are needed in different industries like academics (schools and research documents), the medical industry, legal firms, etc.

Only top-tier German translators can provide you with the high-quality translation you need. It is not an easy task to find the best English to German services online but this article comes to your rescue.

Here are the best English to German translation services.

  1. TheWordPoint: TheWordPoint company started quite recently, in 2016. 

It has its translation services offered alongside certified translation, proofreading, localization, etc.

In the past, they worked with 100 languages but have now streamlined their services to 50 languages. This includes English to German translation.

Their price for English to German translation starts from $0.12 per word. 

TheWordPoint is particularly commended for its high accuracy (which German translators affirmed) and speed with deadlines.

  • Genius Translation: Genius translation is one of the best companies for translation services. It works like a two-factor verification works. Projects that are done by professionals still get checked by experts to avoid errors. This ensures high-quality translations. 

The basic package for English to German translations is priced at $0.14 which is a fair price. Apart from the general section, they have 7 other industry sections to pick from when requesting a service.

  • RushTranslate: RushTranslate is a fairly new company but this does not take away their expertise. They offer services for over 50 languages which include English to German translations. They have linguistic professionals and also offer notarized documents. You might be assigned an average translator at first but operators help all through your experience and quality problems are resolved.

The basic starting price is about $0.11 per word. In addition, they work well with very short deadlines.

  • Gengo: Gengo is an established company that has been in existence for a long time. It has a lot of reviews that portray it as a professional translation company. 

They offer translation services in more than 70 languages.

Gengo has many experts and also, a few amateurs. This simply means that if your translation is done by an entry-level translator, you might have to wait for revision. This is just to guarantee good quality. 

Gengo has their translation services starting at $0.06 per word; though it’s advised that this price be used for casual content. Professional translation starts at $0.12 per word. 

  • Nlink Tech: This is another in demand translation agency. They offer professional and accurate services with the aim of closing the language and culture gap.

They are a top translation agency in India that work with more than 200 languages.

Nlink Tech delivers high quality projects on time with the capacity to deliver over 50 projects daily.

Their services are not restricted to texts but extend to presentations, software GUI and many more.

  • TransPerfect: This is a highly ranked German translation agency. They were established in 1992. They have connections and work with worldwide translation experts. 

Furthermore, they have high-quality translation services considering reviews and also, the fact that they work with world linguistic experts. 

The price might be high but is complimented with great work done. The least price per word is $0.14.

The disadvantage that can be encountered is not being able to meet short deadlines. It is advised that translation projects are given way ahead of the expected delivery date.

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